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Annual Reports (IESC) 2022

In the vast expanse of P&T Valley Farms, nestled in the heart of the Dominican Republic, a dream began to sprout. Luis Peña, the tenacious owner, envisioned expanding his business beyond borders, reaching new markets, and making a lasting impact. Little did he know that this dream would soon transform into a reality, with the […]

10 Reasons to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

No matter where you look, the food we consume is getting farther away from nature. Grocery store shelves are filled with processed foods with preservatives and additives that are hard to pronounce. When we’re not buying food at the store, it’s a cheeseburger and fries for dinner. When you think about the effect this type of […]

9 Incredible Cucumber Benefits for Skin

Cucumber is a nutrition-rich vegetable that is known for its cooling properties. Keep Scrolling if you want to know nine incredible cucumber benefits for the skin. We have all seen beauticians applying cucumber slices on the face while doing facial and other beauty treatments. This article will explore the innumerable benefits that cucumber has for […]

Tips for Growing Sweet & Crunchy Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a common plant for backyard gardens.  Bell peppers don’t have capsaicin, so they aren’t hot like some pepper varieties. These peppers can be eaten raw, but they are usually used in other recipes.   Bell peppers are fairly easy to grow, but there are some tips for growing bell peppers that will give […]

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Zucchini

The wonderful zucchini, though one of the easiest garden vegetables to grow, is also one of the most simple vegetables to prep in the kitchen. They are a breeze to chop – thanks to their tender skins – and incredibly versatile because of their mild and sweet flavour. We love it spiralized into a spaghetti alternative, […]

5 Side Effects of Preservatives You Must Know About

Not all preservatives are bad though; we need to learn how to differentiate the good ones from the unhealthy ones. Many people are shying away from foods with less-than-natural ingredients because of a substance or a chemical that is added to many products such as beverages, sweets, baked-goods, breads and many more these days. These […]

7 Health Benefits of Tomatoes

In case you were wondering, a tomato is a technically a fruit, because it’s seed-bearing and develops from the ovary of a flowering plant. (Botanically speaking, vegetables consist of other plant parts, like roots, leaves, and stems.) But when it comes to nutrition, tomatoes —along with seedy cucumbers and zucchini—are categorized as vegetables. That’s due […]